“For me Yoga is something I cannot explain fully with words, it is an experience I practice. Yoga grounds me, connects me, and brings me closer to myself, in an authentic and honest way. Independent of anyone else, with less thinking and more being. I am, that I am. So ham.”

After years of being more academic in the fields of psychology, performative creativity and teaching, James unexpectedly discovered the grounding, connecting and healing effect of Yoga in 2015, when he moved to Berlin from Malta to follow his heart’s calling for music and singing. He found that unlike other physical practices, practicing Yoga didn’t take something from him. It gave him something back. This first experience has led James on a journey of deepening his knowledge, experience and connection to his body, through classes, retreats, chanting circles and eventually, starting in 2018 and ending in 2020, the successful completion of the 'Holistic Yoga Practice for Yoga Teachers 208+’ with Marijana Savovska of Yogama Studio in Kreuzberg. Today, James feels extremely honoured to be a part of the Yogama team, and blessed to share his practice with you, and through this sharing, continuing his journey, on and off the mat.


In my classes, I offer a safe space for people to be where they are in the moment. I focus on a practice that grounds you in your body and presence, nourishing your roots, so that you can, with courage, allow your heart to open, strengthening your ability to express your inner wisdom and essence in your life.

Kundenberichte zu James' Unterricht:

,,Mir hat der Kurs sehr gut gefallen. Eine optimale Kombination aus Anspannung und Entspannung, um danach nicht völlig verschwitzt wieder am Schreibtisch zu sitzen." Lisa

,,That was such a wonderful meditation, it was special for me to join it together with my husband. We feel so joyful now and that was exactly what we needed to finish this year full of gratitude. Your meditation is extraordinary and you are so gifted with the ability to bring joy and gratitude to the world. Thanks for sharing that with us." Eva

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